Meet Our Specialists

Bill Leitner, Founder

As founder of the company, which he began in 1977, Bill is as involved as ever with the daily goings-on at Greenfield Auto. He does whatever is necessary to make the day run efficiently, from assisting service customers to searching for car parts to keeping the entire office running like the well-oiled machine it is. By choice, he does not repair cars anymore, but enjoys seeing what comes into the shop; he particularly enjoys European cars, and he currently owns both a BMW and a Porsche.

Bill especially enjoys working with his wonderful team of employees, who are essential to the company’s daily operation and ongoing success. He also loves dealing with customers on a daily basis, assisting them with their various car repair and purchase needs.

When Bill is not at the office (which is rare!), he enjoys driving in a spirited manner, and spending time with his large family, which includes three children and five grandchildren, who all live in the area. He also enjoys watching auto racing and going to the beach to relax.


John Loeb

John has been with Greenfield Auto since September of 2001. He acts as treasurer and general manager, and also handles automobile purchasing and sales. John appreciates how much the Greenfield Auto staff members enjoy what they do, and how they all work well together in a team atmosphere. He feels that the general mood of the organization is positive and friendly, and that is in turn conveyed to the customers. In fact, many of the staff members left other well-known new car dealerships to work at Greenfield Auto because of its reputation and straightforward, honest approach with customers.

John appreciates that everyone at Greenfield Auto is commmitted to serving the customer and never selling a repair that does not need to be done. Making certain that the customer gets the best car possible to suit his/her needs, desires, and budget is what really gives John a sense of pride. He, like the entire staff at Greenfield Auto, especially enjoys assisting young and enthusiastic first time buyers. One of John's primary goals is to achieve customer loyalty over the long term. He also views every sale as though it was the first sale, not the only sale, as does everyone at Greenfield Auto. Outside of work, John's interests include autos, farm machinery, guitar playing and collecting, and above all, spending time with his grandchildren.


Jonathan Leitner

Jon is the service manager for Greenfield Auto and has been with the company for nearly 20 years. On a daily basis, he manages the shop, supervises the technicians, and keeps the office running smoothly. Jon began working for Greenfield Auto in 1994, and his passion for repairing cars is one reason why he remains. He also enjoys the fact that it is a family business—he works alongside his father, Bill Leitner—and that he will carry on the business and the tradition. Jon enjoys the challenges of trying to repair cars, and while he has a particular for repairing European vehicles, he will work on anything that comes through the door. When he is not at work, Jon enjoys racing cars, cooking, and hiking.



Stephen Messer

As store manager for Greenfield Auto Specialists, Stephen oversees the sales and inquiries of parts and accessories for their customers. This includes their local retail and wholesale customers, as well as mail order sales to shops and automotive enthusiasts throught the United States and beyond. Stephen also handles the purchasing of parts and automotive accessories for the store. As parts manager for Greenfield Auto, Stephen obtains and supplies most of the parts, accessories, and shop supplies they require.

Stephen has been working at Greenfield Auto since 1980. When he first began, he worked on Saturdays in the newly opened/formerly named Greenfield Imported Car Parts with Bill Leitner. Shortly thereafter, Stephen moved away from his full-time job in an automotive body shop and became a full-time auto mechanic for Greenfield Auto, which was then known as LaBelle & Leitner Auto Repair. Stephen continued to work Saturdays in the parts store as well. About 3 or 4 years later, Steve took a full-time position that had become available in the parts store. He has been there ever since, and became parts manager in the late 1990s.

Stephen feels fortunate to have worked with and for a great bunch of guys. Most of the employees have been long term, which Stephen feels says a lot for the business. Also, many friendships have been created from their customer base, as many customers are automotive enthuisasts just like the people who work at Greenfield Auto. These things make for an enjoyable work atmosphere, and make a 55-60 work week fly by.

Outside of work, Stephen enjoys being a spectator at historic and modern sports car races, attending events from micro car meets to commercial truck shows, and collecting cars of interest. Some of his current projects involve a 1968 Mustang, 1974 Pantera, 1970 Intermeccanica Italia, 1963 DKW, and a 1978 BMW 635csi. Aside from automobiles, Stephen enjoys other things mechanical, from hit-n-miss engines and tractors to trains and model railroading.


Erica Loeb Kestyn

Erica's daily responsibilities involve accounting for daily sales, entering and paying bills, payroll, and overall HR duties.
She has been working with Greenfield Auto since 2003, and finds it to be a friendly, welcoming, laid-back environment, but also one in which everyone is productive and respected. Outside of work, Erica enjoys going to the gym, running, cooking, and eating.



Serey Nop

Serey has been working in parts, sales, delivery, shipping, and inventory at Greenfield Auto since 2006. Serey feels that the best part of the work environment at Greenfield Auto is the people--they are friendly and nice. Outside of work, Serey's interests include computers and environmentally friendly cars.



Mike Baldwin

Mike has been repairing vehicles at Greenfield Auto since 2009. Mike appreciates the work ethic at Greenfield Auto, and the fact that they place such great emphasis on the customer and on quality--it's not just about getting the jobs in and out. Mike enjoys the sense of teamwork at Greenfield Auto, and appreciates the fact that there are no egos. He also likes working with the techs, who have a wide range of knowledge and expertise when it comes to a variety of car makes. After working for 30 years at a flat rate shop that had little concern for customers, Mike feels that Greenfield Auto is operated the way a service should be. Mike feels that both owners and management are knowledgable, helpful, and very understanding when it comes to cars and repair setbacks.


Tom Demers

Tom began working at Greenfield Auto as a mechanic in August of 2012, and he works on anything and everything that comes through the door. Tom appreciates Greenfield Auto's willingness to help their customers get the "most bang for their buck". He also appreciates how the techs bounce ideas off of each other, as well as their vast experience and knowledge. He values the fact that Greenfield Auto strives to be honest with each customer and offers a straightforward, hands-on approach. When not at work, Tom enjoys listening to all types of music, and enjoys catching a live concert or two each year. Being a "car guy", Tom has a few restorations under his belt, and and is currently in the process of two more projects--both are 1970s Rancheros. Past restorations were a 1970 Scout 800A, a 1974 VT Beetle, and a 1970 Torino convertible. Tom has also raised three great children, including one daughter and two sons (all are car nuts as well!).


Matt Harris

Matt has recently joined our staff at Greenfield Auto Specialists. Matt is a Certified Volvo Technician and has spent several years as a technician at a local Volvo dealership. He has additional experience working on both Foreign and Domestic vehicles. We are truly pleased to have Matt join our staff.