Eleven years ago, we moved away from our expert international car mechanic with my low-mileage, rather cool ‘95 VW Cabrio. Given its vintage, optimal maintenance requires superlative experience, know-how, and the ability to source rare parts. GAS embodies all of that.

In my decades of owning older international cars, including a Renault and a Peugeot (for some random reason), another quality that sets GAS above most is their conscientiousness to foresee and clearly inform customers what will need addressing in the near future. GAS seems to care about customers’ road safety—and budgets—as they would their own family members.

Amy Meblin

John and crew are wonderful. My husband and I have purchased four vehicles from them over the years. First, an old Mercedes I could run on biodiesel. Then a grey Jetta TDI, then a red Jetta wagon, and finally--just last spring--a big white cargo Ford Econoline van for my weaving business. All have been great. We have had all of our cars serviced by Bill and Jonathan, and they are wonderful, knowledgeable, kind, and super helpful. They are also proactive when it comes to telling us what we'll need to do in the future so we can plan for both schedules and finances. I've recommended Greenfield Imported Cars, formerly Labelle & Leitner, to many, many friends and discovered that some of our friends already go there and have purchased cars from them, too. Great local guys, great service, helpful and kind people who are our neighbors in the community.

- KL -  Gill, MA

Not many people will travel 175 miles for a good mechanic, but I do. The folks at Greenfield Imported Cars in Greenfield, Massachusetts are a pleasure to deal with and more importantly they know how to make my car happy. They turn the coughs and burps into smooth purrs and do it with a smile. I was just there for brakes, after 23 years on the originals, I think it’s time. Thanx GIC!

- M.J.

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent assistance with the selling of my 1989 Porsche 911. You provided great advice, helped with potential buyers' questions about the car's history, and performed a careful and honest pre-purchase inspection. Your excellent service in this process was no surprise to me, however. This is how everything is done at Greenfield Auto. I can count on you for your careful diagnosis, quality service, and excellent customer care at all times. There is no one else I entrust my cars to for service. -

- J. & J.G.

Dear John & Bill -- Greg and I want to thank  you for solving the red Matrix's window whistle. You both really saw this problem through to the resolution. I had been so frustrated by the noise. And now driving is really great. We love the car! You guys really stood behind the car you sold, and we feel so good about that!

- K.S.

Greenfield Auto Specialists is an example of an exceptionally valuable, stalwart community-owned business.  Their combination of tremendous knowledge, resourcefulness in, for example, procuring rare parts for vintage vehicles, and their integrity are enormously important in this vehicle dependent region.  I’m one of many who feel fortunate to have the benefit of Greenfield Auto Specialists services.

-Amy M.

A great independent shop that knows how to work on both domestic and foreign cars. Honest, trustworthy, reliable service that goes the extra mile.

- J.G.

This place is fantastic. I've been getting simple oil changes here on my Jag, and as part of their review, they noticed a small leak in my transmission. It was a "It's leaking, but it's not critical to do the work now" scenario. I appreciated the honesty, but went ahead with the work anyway. In addition, I'd asked them to take a look at one other small brake issue for me. The work was done quickly, cleanly, and the bill wasn't a jaw dropper. Great, honest work. I won't be taking this car anywhere else. Thanks, GA!

- D.K.

Thank you to Mr. Loeb and all for finding the greatest BMW for me and Passat for my daughter. We are both confident navigating the ice and slopes with the snow tires that you recommended. The cars are way beyond what we ever anticipated! I totally encourage anyone to buy a car from GA!

- K.W.

Thank you for the dependable service that you have provided to my vehicles over a period of 10 years. Additionally, I appreciate the support that you gave me during my battle with Herb Chambers BMW in Boston.  I’m sure the letter you wrote on my behalf helped to solidify my case and lead the credit card company to uphold my claim against Herb Chambers. Your good customer service, both in service and sales, does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

- C.D.P.

Thank you all for helping me find my RAV4 Sport. I am so happy with my car. It is excellent on gas, comfortable, and sporty. You have never steered me wrong and have always treated me with respect--a wonderful group of people. Thank you again--I love my new RAV4.

- J.

There was a recent article in the newspaper reporting on the mounting perils of used car buying. Many unsuspecting customers, it was stated, find themselves with cars that have hidden problems not listed in the attached fact sheets. The case in point was a white Prius, similar in color and model to my recent purchase- although mine does not periodically and unpredictably stall out. My Prius has been reliable and safe as promised. I credit my good fortune to John Loeb, Greenfield Auto Specialists on High Street in Greenfield, MA. John found the car for us, checked it out and had it carefully serviced. It also came with a guarantee that any undetected faults would be repaired in shop. We have also enjoyed on- going service and excellent advice. For example, as recommended, we put on studless snow tires which we are mighty grateful for this winter. We highly recommend the work of John Loeb and Greenfield Motors.

- R.C. & J.L., Greenfield, MA